Emily Wynne-Hughes

The American Idol contestant named Emily Wynne-Hughes is actually one of those persons who has a lot of information about her available online. At least and especially compared to a lot of the other Idol hopefuls who really are more or less completely unknown. So what do we know about Emily?

Well, first of all, Emily Wynne-Hughes has herself a MySpace profile. Granted, that isn't really anything at all close to a rare occurrence since just about every musician and his or her mother has a MySpace profile page nowadays. Still, it's a good place to start. And really I feel that if a person is serious about having some sort of a music career, and MySpace profile page probably will be one of his or her first considerations. Anyway, on to the page. It looks like Emily actually is part of a band called, Go Betty Go. I wonder why they called it that. Perhaps it's a take on that movie, Run Lola Run? Or maybe something I'm not particularly getting right now.

According to the page, Go Betty Go's music runs in the Pop Punk, Rock and Latin genres. Let me just add here though that I really would prefer it if these MySpace profile pages didn't automatically play music. I mean, come on. If a person takes the time to go to your profile page, then that person's probably heard of your music, or heard about you from a friend, or for some reason find's you or your group or your sound interesting, so he or she'll probably click on your music playlist anyway. Please don't force it on visitors.

Anyway, there's something on the page about Europe Tour dates. A Europe tour? Sounds pretty significant. I guess this band's been doing pretty well for itself. I see 2 albums on the page playlist. One is called, Worst Enemy, and contains 5 songs, You're Your Worst Enemy, It's Too Bad, Son Mis Locuras, Go Away, and C'mon. The other is called, Nothing is More, and contains 12 tracks. Geez. Do I type all their names in here? Oh, alright. The songs are Saturday, I'm From LA, Get Out, The Pirate Song, You Want it All, No Hay Perdon, Runaway, Crumbling Down, Ticking Bombs, Laugh Again, Donde Voy, and Unreal. Alright, I hope I didn't forget to type any of those songs.

There's also something here about how Emily made an appearance at a Quentin Tarantino's birthday bash. So it does look like she's a pretty seasoned performer. A band. Tours. Performing at celebrities' birthdays. It will be interesting to see how that amount of experience translates to the American Idol competition. Especially since it doesn't look like she's participated before.

So that's Emily Wynne-Hughes for you.

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  1. She has tried out for American Idol before. I think a couple of times. She never went very far though. I used to play with her about 3-4 years ago. She has improved significantly. I thought the same thing? What about the band? There pretty far up there. Especially in the LA punk/rock scene.