American Idol | Emily Wynne-Hughes

Just recently read a few posts online about American Idol hopeful, Emily Wynne-Hughes, and her band, Go Betty Go. Thing is, it looks like Emily wasn't the original vocalist of Go Betty Go. For some reason, the original vocalist left (or was replaced?) so the band held auditions for that role and Emily bagged it. So I wonder what's going on in the minds of the other Go Betty Go members.

I mean, do they want Emily Wynne-Hughes to be the next American Idol? But if she wins, it gets tricky. They lose their vocalist. Unless of course, Emily finds a way to be both the American Idol and the Go Betty Go lead vocalist, but I rather doubt the folks behind American Idol would let that happen. After all, whoever wins is their product, and they'll be looking to mold their product into the image they can best market. Much easier to mold an individual, as opposed to working on an entire band. But then again, if Emily wins, then the band'll get some attention as the band that the American Idol formerly sang with. But would that even be welcomed?

If Emily Wynne-Hughes loses of course, then all this is moot. If she doesn't become the next American Idol, then she can at least go back to performing with her mates.